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5 Simple Steps On Using a Monocular

5 Simple Steps On Using a Monocular

Cesar Soto

Get that amazing close-up shot you have been wanting.

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Whether you go out for sports watching, hunting, bird watching, concerts, hiking, or astronomy, discover the benefits of a monocular, how to get the best views and closeup shots. These are practical to use as they are portable and compact. Not only do you get good magnification and image quality, but you can also be sure you'll capture the right images with this monocular. This monocular is a 40 X 60 HD The focus dial is easy to reach and operate and you'll have an easier time getting those far away shots. The perfect tool for the outdoors super easy to use.

Check out our monocular at This monocular comes with a small compass, you will know your location at all times. Know where your starting point is at any time without getting lost. Additionally, one tripod is also included for your shots to be steady and get that perfect image you are looking for, plus it’s water-resistant too for any kind of weather. 

Use it as binocular! Another simple way to use it held up to your dominant eye without taking pictures.

Here are some tips you might or might not know about using a monocular with a smartphone. 

  1. Get your smartphone clip the monocular to it above the eyepiece/ camera of your phone. This will allow a more stable picture.
  2. The Eyepiece filler will bring out the details you’ll need for the closeup shot
  3. For focus use the handwheel to adjust the focus until you get the clear pic you are looking for.  
  4. If you want to set your monocular in a certain position use the tripod, it is small but it will allow you to get a more stable picture and also it is easier to set at any angle if desired. 
  5. Practice. Some so many people complain about the monocular not being the right tool for them which is fine it might not be, but in a lot of cases, the problem is not knowing the correct steps on using a tool. I'm sure you know that practice makes perfect, so you know that your skills will improve. Don’t be disappointed if the first shots do not come out as planned,


Like I said these are some simple steps that possibly a lot of you already know, but some kind souls might not. We would like to help you learn something new. It does not matter if is something as simple as using a monocular or giving a little information about them. 

Again, research what types of monocular you like or what kind will work out best for you. You can check out our monocular on our website. 

Hopefully, we were able to give you a little knowledge on this cool tool. We are thankful for taking the time to read our blog on this busy day.

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