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8 Tips On: Hiking and Backpacking With Kids.

8 Tips On: Hiking and Backpacking With Kids.

Cesar Soto

A Simple Guide For The Outdoors With Kids.

Be Safe

Make a Plan that will work with your family, include EVERYONE. Also, remember to follow the rules of each park. Always bring a First Aid kit, be prepared for any kind of emergency, whether is big or small.

Do Research

Research on a place of interest, in order to make a lot of fun and easier. Pick a place that would be interesting for everyone to go out and explore.

Keep it Simple

Do not go overboard and go for the 15-mile hike, keep it short. Start with small hikes, you will learn what type of gear or essentials everyone in the family will be needing. Start teaching the fun basics of going out for an excursion by keeping it simple and exciting. 

Make it Fun

Make it fun and interesting to make sure that everyone has fun and enjoys the excursion. Try to avoid boredom even though it might peak in at any time. Bring some small easy games that you or your kids can carry, books, or you could even make up games as you go. Another fun thing they will love is a scavenger hunt (you could ask them to find things that are new to them.)  


Get the right backpack for everyone, know the size they will need. Find a backpack that will fit properly without hurting their backs or shoulders. How much can they carry without being a hassle for them? If you are going on a hike with a toddler try finding a backpack with a carrier, make it easier on yourself. 


As we know kids will easily get hungry while they are being active, make sure to bring some healthy snacks and drinks that will keep them going for that next stop.


Make it easy, If possible meal prep before packing, it will make it so much easier on yourself. Bring food items that can be easily put together making an exciting lunch for the outdoors. 


Every hike is different make sure to pack the proper wardrobe for the type of environment that you will be going to. Wear something that will be comfortable. Be prepared for any kind of weather changes and bring some extra clothing.