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Learn How to Pamper Your Pet

Learn How to Pamper Your Pet

Cesar Soto

Learn how to pamper your pet with items that you and your pet will love.


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Welcome to the Life Of Interest blog! I am glad you took the time to come to our blog during your busy day. We hope you can read something interesting and informative today.

Here are some products for your pet that you might or might not have yet. Simple items that are essential and will surely help you through your busy day by keeping your dog safe and happy at all times, even if you are not home. 

Okay, so one of the most basic items on the list is an electric water dispenser. These dispensers tend to be cleaner as the water is not stationary, it comes with filters and pumps which makes the water fresh. An easy item, you are solving two basic problems.

  1. The water is always as clean as its moving. 
  2. A water bowl is never empty.

Providing fresh-water for our pets is always necessary. Most electric water dispensers can be taken apart to be cleaned to prevent any bacteria growth. 


Whether you have a dog or cat, here are two checklists of items that are basic to have and others that would be helpful to you.


  1. Brush gloves -easy on you remove that extra hair before it drives you crazy
  2. Pet umbrella - don’t let him get wet.
  3. Camera - easy to check on him 
  4. Ball launcher- your dog will love it
  5. Foldable water/food bowl- feed your dog anywhere without a hassle
  6. Hands-free leash- easier to do what you need while you keep your dog secure
  7. Food & Water Dispenser- never the bowl empty, important to feed them properly.
  8. Dog backpack for outdoors- easy to carry treats
  9. Pet booster seat - make sure your pet is safe at all times!
  10. Pet stroller- pamper him, he is the baby
  11. Scratching post- some dogs like scratching floors and digging holes, this will be a helpful tool.
  12. ID tag on pets- important if your pet happens to rush out the door.
  13. Baby gates- It's important to keep your dog safe from anything in the house, pet-proof your home. 
  14. Training- this one is obvious, but training always comes handy.
  15. Spending time with him- always important to spend quality time with our BFF. 
  16. Dog bed
  17. Doggy shampoo and conditioner
  18. Nail clippers
  19. Canine toothbrush and toothpaste
  20. Brush or comb 
  21. Odor neutralizer
  22. Plastic poop baggies 
  23. Training pads
  24. Variety of toys 

Now for the cat lovers, here is a checklist of items that will provide help to you.


  1. Food & water dispenser   
  2. Food (canned and/or dry)     
  3. Treats
  4. Litter box and scooper
  5. Matt for litter box 
  6. Kitty litter
  7. Collar
  8. ID tag with your phone number
  9. Hard plastic carrier
  10. Nail clippers
  11. Feline toothbrush and toothpaste
  12. Brush or comb 
  13. Scrub brush
  14. Odor neutralizer
  15. Variety of toys 
  16. First-aid supplies
  17. Gps Tracker for pets
  18. Treat roller

Simple ideas that hopefully are of help to you. 

We hope you found this information useful. We are very thankful for taking the time to read our blog on your busy day. 

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