Running at Night Tips & Hacks

Running at Night Tips & Hacks

Cesar Soto
Running at Night Tips & Hacks

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My husband and I enjoy hiking and going to different trails while enjoying nature. I truly enjoy taking my time to walk while I hike, however, my husband enjoys getting a good jog depending on the trail. From dusk to dawn, people enjoy running at different times of the day, depending on their personalities, work schedules, and family life.


Now that the summer is gone and fall is here, the lovely weather is coming, an evening or night walk sounds just perfect!


The perfect weather for hiking! (in my opinion)


Anyhow, here are some safety tips that are important for you to know. It’s never a bad idea to have an extra layer of protection, especially when you are alone. Nights tend to have an echo on everything; traffic noise, animals walking, people walking, talking, anything is much louder. Honestly, night hikes or runs are creepy and scary.

Take a look at some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • #1. Use light, don't fall, carry headlamps or flashlights. Bring back up lights with you if it's needed.
  • #2. Be visible to make sure anyone can see you. Use reflective arm straps, ankle straps. Some common types of running lights are waist-mounted lights, wrist lights, and shoe lights.



  • #3. Start by familiarizing yourself with the trail. How many people go to this area, how safe is it? Find the most important spots near the location, especially if this will be a new area for you.


    • #4. Protect yourself get proper weather clothing. Know what will keep warm in cold freezing weather. Remember the headlamps, reflectors, clear-glasses (to protect your eyes from anything that might be on the way).




    • #5. Tell someone, do not go without telling at least one person. It's always better to send a quick text, make a call, or email someone telling them where you are heading.




    • #6. Do not use headphones always stay focus and stay alert of your surroundings. Don't limit your hearing during a sprint, instead use it as a guide that tells you what is coming next.




    • #7. Stay populated and always stay in well-lit, busy streets.  Always avoid alleys, empty, and dark streets. Stay away from anything which you don’t feel safe.
    • #8. Remember the traffic and to stay on the left side of the road. Make sure the driver can see you. There have been plenty of people getting injured because of drivers that were not careful. 
    • #9. Instead of running alone, run with a partner or a dog so you can have an additional layer of protection.  



    • #10. Cellphone & IDs are very important. Always have your phone where you can easily reach it in case of an emergency.
    • #11. Change your route. Find new paths or streets to take, go at different times too.
    • #12. Having a tracker or GPS might be helpful to tell people your exact location at any time in case of an emergency. 
    • #13. Follow your instinct, if you think there is something odd or creepy on your path or people who might be around you move to a safe place. Change to another lane another street, always keep your phone handy. Don't think twice.
    • #14. Self-defense tactics are always essential to protect ourselves or someone in case of an emergency at any given time. Now, if you are like me and don't know anything about self-defense, another great option is to carry pepper spray, it's small and easy to take anywhere you go.
    • #15. If running outdoors is not for you,  get a gym membership instead. Easy, don’t worry!
    • #16. Wear bright colors, stay away from dark clothing if you do not have you don’t have anything too ‘flashy’ wear white. 

    These are some simple tips that are super important if you have any others let us know too! Remember that safety comes (first) than anything.

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