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Apparel That Helps You Remember Your Life Of Interest

At Life of Interest, we want to keep alive the memories that come with the outdoors. Whether it’s something we can chuckle at, or simply remembering  the feeling of being in awe and wonder – all while forgetting life’s problems.

Sometimes, an experience is hard to put into words, and expressing those ideas can be cumbersome. Quite honestly, I’ll frequently go hiking or exploring and I’m at awe & wonder after trekking for a couple of hours and basking in nature, and yet to truly explain that to someone that hasn’t been, well it’s kind of hard.

So when I can’t really express what the heck is going on, it’s kind of frustrating. Our goal with these shirts is to capture tiny moments in simple phrases. That way we can remember something as simple as getting a hook in our mouth (like I did, yikes!), or having our jaw drop at the sight of something beautiful.

Our Principles For Every Design You See:

One of the things that we’re passionate about is helping others chuckle, have a good time and remember good memories. Sure, we could have done that at a regular job, but if that were the case, we’d be promoting someone else’s message – and that’s a huge no-no for us.

We’re huge on freshly made designs that flood you with memories of great experiences, all without the perverted jokes that flood other t-shirt brands. We also noticed that many brands have t-shirts, but make you a walking billboard, which we aren’t big fans of, so you won’t see much of that on our store.

Lastly, we have a big love for freshwater fish, and with that will come designs that are focused on our river and lake friends. 

Who’s Behind The Store?

Hi there,

My name is Cesar and here's a little more to my story... I remember going out camping and fishing when I was younger with my father, and even though I couldn’t hook anything, except for a log or my mouth, I still had a blast. Around 5 or so my father passed away, and we would still have friends that would take me fishing, but after they moved that sort of faded away. My love of nature never faded though, and as I got older I picked up hiking. I recently started reading about fishing again, and remembered all the fun I had back then, and that’s why I started this store.

I love helping others by going above and beyond, whether it's listening or helping someone figure out a solution to their problem, or just plain making ‘em laugh - I love that. I truly do.

I love being in the outdoors, and it’s the main reason I chose Life of Interest, because to me, that’s a life of interest. Being in nature always takes me away from life’s problems, and away from the monotony of everyday living, and expressing that passion through our products is what we want to be about.

Final Thoughts:

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